Raise an issue I am concerned about

The following is a step-by-step guide for how to raise issues of concern. Nothing suggested here over-rides the procedures set out in Statutes and Regulations, or formal University or other policies or procedures. Nor does the step-by-step nature suggest that all (or any) of the steps have to be followed before contacting members of Council, the Registrar or Vice-Chancellor, or raising something in Congregation. It is often the case, however, that problems are most effectively resolved through contacting the officer or department responsible for the matter.

  • If the issue is within a department, academic division, service, administrative section or college, contact those responsible in that unit in the first instance.
  • If it is a matter concerning colleges in general, contact the Conference of Colleges secretariat.
  • If it concerns a formal University policy or procedure, find the policy or procedure on the University's website (Legal Services maintains a list of policies and procedures) as the policies or procedures themselves often set out the procedures for raising matters of concern. Or further information may already be available through the Staff Gateway or Student Gateway.
  • If the issue concerns decisions being made by Council or one of its committees, or is something that you think those bodies should be considering, contact the relevant committee chair or secretary in the first instance. Their names may be found here under the relevant committee.
  • If you remain concerned, contact a member of Council, or a student representative on Council, or the Registrar, the relevant Pro-Vice-Chancellor with portfolio, or the Vice-Chancellor to discuss the matter.
  • Finally, members of Congregation may wish to raise an issue at Congregation. The procedures for doing so are set out on Congregation's website.
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