Stand for election to Council

There are eleven elected members of Congregation on Council. The period of office of an elected member is four years. However, it may be shorter if the person is elected to fill a position left vacant part-way through the four year period, in which case the person elected is a member of Council for the remainder the period.

Vacancies on Council for elected members of Congregation are advertised on the Elections website and in the University Gazette as and when they arise. Election procedures are set out in the relevant Congregation Regulations. To stand for election to Council you must be a member of Congregation and be nominated by a minimum of four, and a maximum of ten, members of Congregation. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Elections website.  In the event that more than one candidate is nominated for a vacancy, a postal ballot is held. Each candidate is invited to submit a written statement, setting out his or her reasons for standing and qualifications for the office being sought. In the event of a contested election, these statements are published both on-line and in the Gazette. Further information is available on the Elections website and from the Elections Officer.
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